Hello October 2022

I know we’re a few days in now but Happy October! It is officially not only my favorite month, but also my birthday month! That obviously plays a roll into it being my favorite. But the weather, the changing colors, & the fall season being in full swing are also great things about this month!Continue reading “Hello October 2022”

Summer 2022 Recap

This weekend marks the unofficial end of summer, and while meterological fall is still nearly 3 weeks away, it’s calendar fall so I figured I’d do a quick little recap of my summer. It was definitely very different from last summer! Last summer I was starting therapy, trying to find a job, & spending allContinue reading “Summer 2022 Recap”

Hello September 2022

Happy September everyone! It’s the calendar start to fall… and that’s good enough for me! I am so ready for fall. It is hands down my favorite season. The smells, the colors, the weather! I love it all! School starts in Minnesota next week, & unlike last fall, I won’t be going back. At leastContinue reading “Hello September 2022”

Act Like A Kid

I’ve heard it probably a dozen times or more on various TikToks, that as adults we need to do more of the things that made us happy as children. That those passions are still alive in us somewhere, & it’s important to foster those passions. It’s the little things in life that really matter &Continue reading “Act Like A Kid”

2022 So Far

I have not posted in 6 months. My last post was January 3 of this year & it was all about my goals for this upcoming year. Just like with pretty much every single other time I’ve gone radio silent on my blog, I didn’t intend to. I honestly couldn’t even really tell you whyContinue reading “2022 So Far”

Hello 2022

Word of the YearI didn’t have a word of the year for 2021, but in hindsight, the entire year could be summed up with the word “change.” My realationship status changed. Where I lived changed…twice. My job changed. My mental & emotional health changed… first for the worst & then for the better. Some ofContinue reading “Hello 2022”


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