Currently in September 2021

Linking up with Anne

Beginning: The school year! Since I’m in a new district I started last week but all teachers returned to work this week & students start next week! (If I was still in TX kids would already be on their 3rd week in school this week!)

Ending: The freedom of summer. Technically it ended last week since I had to be at work for 3 days for new teacher orientation…

Loving: All the fall feels! Because it’s been so dry here in MN the leaves started turning colors early, the temperatures are starting to drop, & it just SMELLS like fall. I am here for it!

Picking: Out new work clothes. I got rid of so many clothes when I moved to MN from TX. Over the summer that was fine because I could live in shorts/jeans/yoga pants & tank tops. Now I need some more professional pieces.

Posting: Ahead of time. Now that I’m back at work, I’m trying to schedule out posts as far in advance as I can. That way it’s one less thing I need to focus on each day.

8 thoughts on “Currently in September 2021

  1. We have the opposite thing going on here; it’s so wet that everything is still lush and green and blooming so I think fall might be a bit late this year. I love when all the trees change color though and find myself hoping that they won’t fall to the ground.


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